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Stormzone are also delighted to announce their appeareance at this years Firefest festival in Nottingham. Thanks to Kieran Dargan, Bruce Mee, Rammy and everyone else involved in this fantastic annual event Stormzone have been asked to open what is now known as ‘Day One’ of the two day event. We will attend it and play for you, here. Come and see us.

Details are as follows: Firefest 4 - Day 1 - Friday October 26th Venue: Nottingham Trent University, Burton Street, Nottingham. Ticket Price £ 15 in advance if purchased before May 1st, £ 20 thereafter view. Doors 6pm / Capacity 500 (150 tickets already sold!!) 350 remaining.... Tickets currently available from directly from Firefest using Paypal (Paypal address: https://www.joom.com/sv/search/c.1473502947431470366-33-2-118-3603304175) or by cheque, postal order or cash (at senders own risk) to Fireworks Magazine HQ: 10 Dunnock Close, Offerton, Stockport, SK2 5XD, England. Tickets will also be available from Rock City, Nottingham AFTER May 1st. VenueLink: www.rock-city.co.uk. Persons who purchase tickets directly from Firefest before May 1st, including those who have purchased tickets already, will be entered into a free prize draw for a box of 50...yes...50 CDs / DVDs as kindly donated by one of our sponsors Cargo Music. Payments to the joom.com address above or by Paypal to: fireworks.mag@ntlworld.com. Hurry up for your tickets now, read more. tickets sell out very quickly. and you may just not have time to buy.


Don’t forget to check out the Music Area where you can hear several songs from the new ‘Stormzone’ CD as well as being able to check out some of Harv’s other demos and recordings from through the years. So we'll see how active you guys are, read on. We are ready to give you everything for this crazy fun.

Welcome to the varied world of ‘STORMZONE’ vocalist John 'Harv' Harbinson, Northern Irish singer, songwriter and artist. Based in Belfast, Northern Ireland, this web site will cover all aspects of his life including family, friends, music, artwork, influences and interests.

By night he fronts ‘STORMZONE' promoting their new album ‘Caught In The Act’ and his days are spent indulging in his passion for art where he specialises in large detailed pencil drawings of Belfast's places, people and history, some of which can be viewed by clicking the 'Harv's Artwork' link to the left

Hopefully you'll find this site an interesting place to visit, you're all more than welcome and many thanks for stopping by.

Visit Harv at  Myspace

Now available, the new STORMZONE CD – ‘Caught in the act’. Featuring 11 original Stormzone songs and the magnificent artwork of the one and only Rodney Matthews (Thin Lizzy/Asia/Magnum/Diamond Head etc). You can buy the album direct from this website by clicking on the following CD Link Button

Some STORMZONE song samples from the album 'Caught In The Act'.



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