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Harv's Artwork

      On this page you will find examples of Harv’s artwork. His abilities in this field include watercolour and oil paintings, but his favoured and favourite medium is the pencil. The drawings below are all thumbnailed so please click on each image to see a larger version of the drawing. Even the enlarged images could not fully capture the detail and textures contained within each work of art, but hopefully you’ll be given an indication as to Harv’s eye for detail and passion for capturing a particular scene, person or period of time.       Having viewed the images on this page, should you feel you would like to commission Harv privately for a piece of artwork to your own specifications, then please email him to make the required arrangements. Please bear in mind that each drawing on this page is approximately 80cm by 60cm, and if you require artwork of similar proportions then each piece may take up to two or three weeks to complete depending on the detail involved in work of this scale.

’George Best’. I spent my first 20 years living 50 yards away from where the legend lived in the Cregagh.


’The boys and the bookshop’. The thumbnail to the right shows the artwork hanging in full size


’Children of the bonfire’. The thumbnail to the right shows the artwork hanging in full size (this drawing on right wall).


’First voyage of the Titanic’. Titanic leaving Belfast Lough. The thumbnails to the right shows the artwork full scale.

’Gentleman in Smithfield Market’. This is a work in progress and shows a drawing nearing completion.


’Gentleman In Smithfield Market’. This is the previous work in progress now completed and hanging.


’In the shadow of Goliath’. Kids playing in Victoria park close to the Harland and Wolff shipyard. The thumbnail to the right shows the artwork hanging on the left wall.


’Barefoot on the cobblestones’. The thumbnail to the right shows the artwork hanging in full size

’The prams of Peter’s Hill’. The thumbnail to the right shows the artwork hanging in full size


These are some fun drawings of well known Warner characters, smaller than the large drawings above, this kind of artwork can still be commissioned.


Jackie Milburn, Glenn ‘Spike’ Ferguson, Martin ‘Buckets’ McGaughey - Portaits from a new ‘Linfield Legends Past and Present’ 40-drawing commission which will take me a few months to complete. These drawings will eventually be displayed in the Windsor Park Bass Lounge (or Hall Of Fame as it will be known by then).


John Easton, Alan Dornan and Davy Larmour, three more Linfield Legends.


Ex-Linfield and current manager of Shelbourne Pat Fenlon, team-mate Dessie Gorman & the magnificent Billy Murray.


William ‘Winkie’ Murphy and Pat McShane, solid as a rock at the back and still very much a part of the Linfield team. Alex Russell, goalkeeping legend who won 39 club medals.


If I told you who it was you probably wouldn’t believe me. Yes, it’s big Davy Jeffrey himself in the days when he was playing for Linfield rather than managing them! Next to him the legendary Raff, Peter Rafferty and George Dunlop.


A very young Lee Doherty, current player Mark Picking and big ‘Tino’, current keeper Alan Mannus..


Lindsay McKeown wearing the 2000 Champions jersey during friendly with Rangers legends, Jamie Mulgrew and hitman ‘Pistol’ Peter Thompson.


Scottish wing half Tommy Leishman, joined Liverpool with Bill Shankly before coming to the Blues, the excellent Tommy hamill, Linfield and Northern Ireland 1958 World Cup player and excellent midfielder Ryan McCann.


’Head, heel or toe, slip it to Joe!’. The legendary Joe Bambrick in 1932 alongside Trevor Anderson (obviously in more recent times!), and current Captain Noel Bailie.

The legendary Albert Currie alongside striker Billy Simpson who was signed from Linfield to Glasgow Rangers for a (then) record transfer fee of £11,500 in 1950. He also gained 12 caps for Northern Ireland, scoring the winning goal against England at Wembley in 1957 and Stephen McKee who also had a time with Sheffield United in 1976.

Jack Jones, legendary half-back who not only played with Joe Bambrick in an excellent 1930’s Linfield team, but was also on the Ireland team in which they beat Wales 7 – 0 with Joe scoring six of the goals! Next to Jack is John Parke who played alongside Tommy Dickson in the 1961-62 Seven Trophies Season and who can still be seen attending matches today! Finally Maurice Pyper, an inside right who not only played for Linfield during their 1921 Seven Trophy Winning Season but then went on to become Linfield Chairman during the 1948-49 season when the Linfield SWIFTS won the County Antrim Shield, Intermediate Cup and the Steel & Sons Cup!

Current right back and Linfield fanatic Jim Ervin alongside a true Linfield legend, Tommy 'Duke Of Windsor' Dickson. Next to them is the brilliant (and very young) Sammy Pavis.

Tommy Dickson and Bobby Irvine taking to an away pitch in 1962, a joyful Paul McAreavey after beating the Glens 1-2 at the Oval to secure the 2006/07 League title and Bobby Braithwaite, nicknamed ‘Ghento’, he joined Linfield in 1957, also played for Northern Ireland and there wasn’t an Irish Football medal he didn’t win!

A more serious looking Paul McAreavy wearing the 2007/2008 Linfield away strip and David Nixon whose grandfather, uncles and cousins have served Linfield so well down the years!

Former Linfield captain George Gibson and late chairman Mr David Crawford.

’The boys and the bookshop’ with a slightly different tone (photographed indoors).



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