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Maureen (mother-in-law) and Mags                         Mum and Dad – Jeanette and ‘big’ Jackie


The Queen Bee – My Grandmother Eileen                         She who must be obeyed – my wife Mags.


My daughter Lynzi.

Lynzi just before her school formal.


My niece Julie

Tracy, Dee, myself and Robert with my sister-in-law Laureen, see

My brother Robert


My brother Robert (with no drink??)               My sister Karen and bro-in-law Andrew.


Sister Cheryl & Bro-in-law Andrew                          Nephew Andrew and I at Maiden 2005.


My niece Jessica, Christmas 2006.

Little Jessica's my sister Cheryl’s daughter.

Hey, at last, that’s my other nephew Christopher (Joan’s son) top right!


Lynzi and Margaret in Florida, 2004.                         Sister-in-law Joan, 12th July BBQ nite.


Three of my nephews, all Karen’s sons, (from left to right) joom.com - slime shops The three Portavogie amigos Aaron, Luke and Jake.

The West Belfast Harbinsons – Some of my Shankill Road cousins.


Andrew and Mags at the Maiden gig, Dublin 2005                                 Lynzi and her great boyfriend Peter.


Harv & Peter in London, September 2006                                 Very rare pic of Harv, Mags & Lynzi together!


Steve Strange (in middle) an honorary family member.                                 Harv & Lynzi, London 2006.


Mags and two of the reasons I fell in love with her.                         Lynzi and me attached at the hip - we still are!


No wonder you’re looking like that Dad!                         Margaret and Harv – Cousin’s Wedding July 2005.

An East Belfast hood – the other one’s her father (Lynzi 1994)..



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